Welcome to my website. My name is Evan Frendo, and I have been working as a freelance English Language Teaching Professional, specializing in Business English and English for Specific Purposes, since 1993. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany, but my work takes me to different parts of Europe and Asia. 

My expertise is on training individuals and groups to improve their English so that they can operate more effectively in an international business environment. Sometimes this involves running courses and seminars, but nowadays more and more of my time is spent providing consultancy services to international corporations, training business English teachers and writing training materials. As you will see from this website, I also spend quite a lot of time speaking at international conferences around the world.

I have a Masters degree in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (Aston University), a Diploma in Teaching English for Business (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry), as well as a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering (Cranfield University). 

Please feel free to contact me for further information and references. You can also find out more about me at my linkedin page.