Videos for trainers

These videos were created for teachers and trainers attending my training courses and workshops on business English teaching. I welcome any feedback or comments you may have.

An introduction to business English.

Advantages and disadvantages of published materials, authentic materials, framework materials and tailor-made (bespoke) materials in a business English context.

A description of the needs analysis process in business English, looking at ways of collecting and analysing data to inform course design.

Evaluation in business English, including a discussion of types of evaluation, tests, criteria, and calculating ROI in a corporate training context.

Selected talks

Here are some slides from a few of my recent talks.  If you attended one of my talks and the slides are not included below, please get in contact and I will send you a copy.

Exploiting technical drawings (Munich, Germany, 5 Dec 2015)
FRENDO Exploiting technical drawings.pdf
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                Impression management across borders (Szczecin, Poland, 16 Sep 2016)

                Link to prezi.

Where are we with BELF and where are we going? (Munich, Germany, 5 Nov 2016)
Session D2 - Evan Frendo - Where are we
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Maritime communication: is the native speaker part of the problem? (Busan, South Korea, 19 Oct, 2017)
FRENDO Maritime Communication Is the nat
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Minimizing miscommunication in the workplace (Chennai, India, 28 Jul 2018)
FRENDO Minimizing miscommunication in th
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB
Teaching the language of negotiations - challenges and compromises (Chennai, India, 28 Jul 2018)
Teaching the language of negotiations.pd
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Teaching accommodation strategies in the business English classroom (Hamburg, Germany, 1 Sep 2018)
Frendo 2018 Teaching accommodation in th
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Teaching English for the international workplace: meeting the challenges (Tokyo, Japan, 8 Sep 2018)
Frendo Teaching English for the internat
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Future directions in ELT: Where are we headed? (IATEFL Conference closing plenary, Liverpool, UK, 5 April 2019)

Task-based assessment in the business English / ESP classroom (IATEFL Poland webinar 23 April 2019)
Frendo Task-based assessment.pdf
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