Consulting - professional and independent advice

As a consultant my aim is to help you find a solution to your communication training needs. There is no standard solution - every situation is unique and needs to be analysed carefully. To do this successfully  I work closely with a number of different stakeholders, such as training managers, HR departments, line managers, in-house trainers and so on.  I am a specialist in this field and having worked with multinationals, government agencies, universities and many other organisations in different parts of the world, I feel I bring a lot of professional experience to the table. The solution may involve evaluating ongoing training, designing a new course, recommending a new training provider, recruiting new trainers, updating your training materials, providing training for your own in-house trainers, or one of many other options. 

Here is a link to a 2015 TESOL blog post which invited me to comment on my role as an ESP project leader.